The blackbird of Glanmore

notes on the blackbird of glanmore

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  • the blackbird of glanmore.
    • autobiographical. real place, 'blackbird' infers darkness and death.
    • positive image of life yet scared of humans 'ready to scare off'. constanance- repetition of 'L'.
    • caesuras- 'i park, pause, take heed'. repetition of 'breath'.
    • enjambment- 'just breath and sit/and lines' 'come back; i want away' memory coming back+ oximoron.
    • 'one gone to him' his brotgher has gone to god. 5th stanza is all that his brother was. 'lost bother' = euphemistic- sounds nicer than dying. he remembers his brother through the blackbird.
    • 'automatic lock/ clunks shut'- shut off from his brother, emphasizes his death.
    • ' a shadow on raked gravel' this infers the reflection of his brother.
    • 'hedge-hop, i am absolute' - talks about the birds moverment and that he loves the brid.
    • 'on the grass when i arrive' is the very first line and also the last line of the second to last stanza, the last stanza says 'in the ivy when i leave' infers that everytime he comes or goes his brother is always there, no end no begining life goes on memory always there.


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