The Birthday Party quotes (Goldberg)

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  • The Birthday Party - Harold Pinter
    • Identity
      • Goldberg
        • "You look like a gladiola"
        • "Wonderful. Out of this world"
        • "You know there's a lot in your eyes
        • "Don't be shy" (he slaps her bottom)
        • "Lulu, you're a big bouncy girl. Come and sit on my lap"
        • (They embrace)
    • Power
      • Goldberg
        • "How do you do, Lulu? I'm Nat Goldberg" Lulu walks over and shakes his hand
          • "Webber. (quietly) SIT DOWN"
        • "Which came first? Which came first? Which came first?
        • (Goldberg does not answer)
        • "Well?" (McCann does not answer) "McCann. I asked you well."


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