The biological approach to psychopathology

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  • The Biological Approach
    • Biochemistry
      • Balance of the levels of Hormones and neurotransmi-tters in the brain
      • Causes of mental illness may be different
      • E.g. some schizophrenics have reduced dopamine levels, some have excesses
    • Genetic
      • DNA
      • Tells body how to function
      • Passed on from parent to child
      • Low concordance rates for people with phobias
      • However, high concordance rates for people with schizophrenia
    • Neuro-anatomy
      • Brain structure
      • Some cases show that schizophrenics show shrinking brain tissue in the brain
    • Research methods
      • Experiment method (Kirsch) - Compared drug treatments to placebos
      • Correlational studies - Looking for link between what is passed on from parent to child
    • Limitations
      • Thomas Szaz (1972)
        • Argued that mental illness does not have a physical basis
        • Explained how it is merely a form of social control
      • Genetic evidence is not 100% able to prove that mental disorders are genetic
        • In identical twins a 50% concordance rate was seen


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