The Big Three's aims

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  • The Big Three's aims
    • Georges Clemenceau, France
      • Alsace and Lorraine returned to France.
      • Germany must lose land on the border with France.
        • In order to make the French people feel secure from future attack.
      • Germany must pay for the suffering the French people had endured.
        • Under great pressure to make the Germans pay; the French argued this payment should be in money and land.
    • David Lloyd George, Britain
      • Wanted Germany to be punished - but not too harshly.
        • Did not want Germany to seek revenge in the future.
        • Ran against the views of most Brits,
      • Protect British naval interests.
        • Reduce German navy and extend the Britsih empire.
        • Dislked Wilson's idea of free access for all countries to the seas.
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      • Wanted both Britain and Germany to be able to start trading again.
    • Woodrow Wilson, USA
      • Core beliefs
        • Achieve world peace in the future, nations would have to cooperate.
        • Self determination- this idea was the guiding principle of his 14 Points.
      • Germany should be punished but not too harshly.
        • Germans would become resentful and want revenge
      • Wanted all countries to join a League of Nations.
      • Germany should lose territory
      • Germany should not be made to pay war reparations.
  • Fourteen Points
    • No secret treaties
    • Free access to the seas
    • Free trade between countries
    • Diarmament
    • Slef-determination
    • League of Nations
    • Poland to become an idependant state.
    • Colonies to have a say in their own future


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