The Big Three

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  • The Big Three
    • Georges Clemenceau
      • About
        • Wanted an extremely harsh treaty and germany to be punished
        • Wanted to dismantle German military completely
        • Wanted to take land and create a large fine so that Germany would be too weak to attack again
        • Wanted revenge for financial loss, human loss and damage to land and buildings
        • Wanted revenge for 1870 and WW1
        • Wanted France safe from any attack
        • Wanted to prevent communism from spreading to France
      • Why he disagreed with the others
        • wanted to keep French empire which went against Wilson's ideas
        • Was against Wilson with the financial penalty which he was eventually forced to lower
        • He failed to make the Rhineland independant (nearest part to France)
    • David Lloyd George
      • Main aims
        • Recently re-elected on the basis of promises to treat Germany harshly
        • Wanted to dismantle German navy so that the British is the best
        • Take German colonies
        • Protect and strengthen British empire
        • Wants Germany to still be able to trade
        • Use Germany as a buffer to stop Russia and its communism
      • Why he disagreed with the others
        • Stuck in the middle
          • Wanted a lenient treaty but had promised Britain a harsh one
        • Wanted to keep British empire - disagreed with self-determination
        • Disagreed with completely splitting up Germany which Clemenceau wanted
    • Woodrow Wilson
      • About
        • Became president of the USA in 1912
        • Wanted a more lenient treaty
        • Feared germany would want to seek revenge
        • Wanted self-determinationfor all countries (meant breaking up the empires and countries ruling themselves)
        • Wanted to break up empires because it would make USA dominant
      • Why he disagreed with the others
        • He wanted a lenient, calm treaty which went completely against Clemenceau's ideas
        • Self-dtermination meant the end of British and French empire, so they refused
        • He wanted freedom of the seas which Britian did not agree with because they wanted their navy to be dominant of the seas


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