The Big Three

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  • The Big Three
  • Woodrow Wilson, the US President
    • wanted a fair peace
    • during the war he had called for a fair settlement in his famous Fourteen points speech (January 1918)
    • The USA had suffered much less than its allies in loss of life and economic damage.
    • he accepted that Germany must be punished but he did not want this to be too harsh
    • he believed in self-determination - that every nation should have its own government.
  • Clemenceau, the French Premier
    • called for a harsh treatment of Germany.
    • much of the war had been fought in France and the level of damage was enormous
    • his aim was to weaken Germany so much that it would never again try to dominate Europe.
  • Lloyd George, the British Prime Minister
    • wanted a middle ground between the French and American positions.
    • he was more interested in the British Empire than events in Europe
    • Britain was heavily in debt and needed Germany as a trade partner to help pay them back


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