The Big Bang theory - cosmological argument

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  • The Big Bang Theory
    • A scientific theory to explain the beginning of the universe
      • Both supporters of the cosmological argument, and those who deny it, use the big bang theory as proof for and against the existence of God
        • Scientific observation has confirmed that there was a beginning to the universe, and has provided further evidence that the universe developed a structure very early in it's history
    • A challenge to the cosmological argument only if it is accept as a rival theory to the cosmological argument
      • If the theory is considered to be a spontaneous random event without reason or cause then Aquinas' assertion that God is mover and cause of the universe is undermined
    • On the other hand if it is accepted that there must be a reason why the big bang happened, and that once the universe began to evolve there seems to have been a sustainer of the universe that ensured it developed and continued
      • Then the big bang gives support to a belief in the od of classical theism


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