The Big Bang

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  • The Big Bang
    • Evidence
      • COBE
        • launched 18th Nov., 1989
        • discovered that young universe was not uniform
        • scientists used COBE's data to create CBMR maps
      • WMAP
        • probe similar to COBE, more detailed map of CMBR
        • Discoveries
          • Universe is 13.7bn years old
          • stars started appearing 200m years after Big Bang
          • 23% of Universe is dark matter, 73% is dark energy
        • launched June 2001
    • Discovery
      • Hubble's Law
        • shows how fast galaxies are moving away from us
        • Equation: Recession velocity=H0 x distance from Earth
          • H0=Hubble constant, or the gradient of the graph
          • steeper graph, younger universe
      • When Hubble was making the Tuning Fork diagram, he realised some galaxies had been redshifted
      • Hubble realised that the Universe must be expanding if galaxies are moving away from us
        • would have had to been a starting point, ie. the Big Bang
    • Other theories
      • Steady State theory
        • developed in 1948 by Sir Fred Hoyle
        • universe has always existed without changing
        • universe produces matter at a constant rate to maintain density
        • did not explain origin of the universe
      • Multiverse theory
        • collision of two universes triggered the big bang to form ours
        • only now becoming more prominent
        • could work because spacetime stretches indefinitely, pattern in which atoms are arranged has to start repeating
    • CMBR
      • background noise of the Universe
      • discovered in 1965 by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson
      • can only be detected with radio telescopes
      • spread evenly throughout the Universe
      • supports the BBT because it is the afterglow from the creation of the Universe, and there must have been a big event to cause it
      • solid proof for the Big Bang theory
  • can only be detected with radio telescopes


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