The Behavioural Approach

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  • The Behavioural Approach
    • Watson, Rayner and Little Albert
      • classical conditioning of a phobia
      • worked with 11 month old Albert
      • tested responses to fluffy white objects - no fear
      • reached for rat, 4ft long steel bar was hit to startle him
      • conditioned response to neutral objects
      • repeated 3 times and the next week - when done he cried, so conditioned fear response
      • died from water on the brain
    • Seligman's dogs  (1975)
      • learned helplessness - psychological state where humans/animals have learned to act
      • operant conditioning
      • dog in a box, separated into two
      • when floor shocked, dog jumped to the other side
      • when restrained, endured shock - restraints off stayed still
      • maladaptive learning
    • Mineka (1988) - Snake Phobia
      • social and evolutionary theory
      • through social learning theory they learn fear response
      • need some experience with fear stimulus to gain phobia
        • evolutionary preparedness
    • Evaluation
      • 1. offers an explanation based on observable behaviour evolution what you do is what counts for survival
      • reduces the mental disorder to stimulus >response - over simplification
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