Behaviourist Approach Mindmap

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  • The Behavioural Approach
    • Three types of theories/ assumptions.
      • Operant Conditioning.
        • Learning through the consequences of behaviour such as positive of negative reinforcement in repetition.
        • Skinner said:
          • By changing the environment, you can change the individual.
          • Repetition leads to reinforcement which leads to a change of behaviour.
          • If animals can change their behaviour, so can humans.
      • Social Learning Theory.
        • Copying behaviour from role models.
        • Done through reinforcement whether it is positive or negative.
      • Classical Conditioning.
        • Pavlov's dog.
        • Learning occurs through association.
    • Evaluation Points
      • Practical - Wilker reported that although drug taking can be initiated through classical conditioning, addiction is maintained through operant conditioning.
      • Does not consider underlying causes that do not show up.
      • Reductionist


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