The Basin Hyrological Cycle

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  • The Basin Hydrological Cycle
    • Biosphere (Vegetation Store)
      • Interception- rainfall is intercepted by leaves and branches from trees and from leafy vegetation on the ground.
      • Interception Loss- water is held on the plant and its vegetation and evaporates back into the atmosphere
      • Through fall- water falls through spaces in the vegetation and water drips off leaves and twigs
      • Stem Flow- water trickles along branches down the trunk etc..
    • Hydroshpere (Surface Store)
      • Stem Flow- the transfer of water from the bioshpere to the hydroshpere where it collects on the surface in rivers and lakes
      • Infiltration- water is transferred from the surface store and soaks into the soil and infiltrates the ground layer below
      • Surface Flow- the rain water that collects in the hydrosphere transfers into the ocean store by flowing along the surface
    • Soil Moisture Store
      • Infiltration- water is transferred into the soil from the surface store. Small air spaces in the soil provide room for the water particles to move into
      • Percolation- water is transferred from the soil store into the lithosphere by water particles moving into free air pockets in the lithosphere when the soil store becomes saturated
      • Through Flow- water is transferred from the soil store into the ocean store by flowing through the soil beneath the surface
    • Lithosphere (Groundwater Store)
      • Percolation- water enters the groundwater store from the soil store by trickling through and moving into air pockets found in the groundwater store when the soil store is saturated
      • Groundwater Flow- water transfers from the lithosphere under the ground and flows into the ocean store
    • Ocean Store
      • Surface Flow- water enters the ocean store by flowing across the surface from the surface store
      • Through Flow- water flows through the soil into the ocean store
      • Groundwater Flow- water flows under the ground and into the ocean store through the ground layer
      • Precipitation- water enters directly into the store from the sky in forms of precipiattion
      • Water Output- water exits from this store into the sea


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