The Ax-Helve

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  • The Ax-Helve
    • Setting
      • 1. Begins outside with the American chopping alder on his own. 
      • 2. Then the American goes into Baptiste's home.
    • Meta-Narrative
      • Education, what rights being educated confers on people. It is as if the speaker himself is surprised to find such a topic emerging in the conversation
      • Relationships, concerned with how people create relationships while still maintaining distance
    • Chronology
      • It is a linear straight-forward narrative.
    • Linguistic Techniques
      • There is an informal tone to relax the narrative. It is not going to be climactic "that was, as I say, an alder branch".
    • Symbolism
      • The serpentine handle of the axe is represented in the serpentine sentences Frost wordily uses "Of alder catch my lifted ax behind me. But that was in the woods, to hold my hand From striking at another alder's roots, And that was, as I say, an alder branch".
      • "'She ain't ***** too much Henglish" said by Baptiste could be representative of Frost only rarely using dialogue in his poems.
      • "The snake stood up for evil in the Garden" The serpent was often depicted on stained glass windows as standing erect or being wrapped around the trunk of the tree.
    • Narrator
      • 1st person narrative of the American chopping wood.


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