The authority of the bible

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  • The authority of the bible
    • 'Bible' comes from the Greek word 'Biblios' meaning books.
      • The Bible is a collection of 66 books written over a long period of time.
        • contains 2 main parts; old testament & new testament.
          • Old testament  is also the jewish bible, called 'Torah'
            • There are many reasons why Christians have the old testament in their bible.
              • Jesus was Jewish himself. Would have been bought up to follow Jewish laws.
                • Christianity developed out of the Jewish religion.
                  • The Jew and Christians understood the old testament in different way.
                    • Therefore they come to different conclusions on ethical and moral matters.
          • For majority of the Christians the new testament override the old testament.
            • The new testament covers the birth and the death of Jesus.


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