The Attack by Siegfried Sasson

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  • The Attack by Siegfried Sasson
    • Introduction
      • Public Poem
      • Private- writing from his own experiences
      • description of an infantry attack in WW1
      • Captures details of man during an attack
      • criticizes the war
      • Not a glorified persecptive
    • Setting
      • on a WW1 battefield
      • show the soldiers in a vulnerable situation
      • presents the terror of the soldiers
    • Sasson's Attitude + opinion
      • first supported the war. was prepared to fight
      • harrowing experience of war
        • Physical and psychological suffering resulted in disillusionment
      • He wrote to the house of commons
        • criticizing the way in which British Soldiers were begin used for political gain
      • had first hand experience of war
        • Passionate tone
      • Wanted to pro-try the suffering of soldiers
        • while politicians remained safely at home behind the desk making decisions about war
      • graphic hard hitting images accompanied by angry and biting tone
    • Tone
      • Title
        • straight forward, direct tone
        • Associated with military commands
      • speaking tone is evident with its episodic narrative tone
      • recounted in third person narritive
        • observational giving the impression of a first hand account
          • Very hard-hitting and immediate "they leave"
      • sudden rush of frantic and desperate tone
        • this is a direct call for tragedies to stop
          • "Oh Jesus, make it stop!"
      • exclamation mark emphasizes the emergency of the tone
      • closing tone is frantic and desperate
      • present tense- very immediate
      • opening tone is measured
        • Untitled


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