The Apparition

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  • The Apparition
    • Structure
      • Varying Meter - iambic pentameter, some hexameter mirrors natural conversational patterns. More unnerving
      • AABBABCDC DCEFFEGGG  (triple rhyme = argument) disconcerting like unnerving content
      • 1 continuous stanza which is more like a burst of emotion. Not thought through. or could be seen as passionate.
    • Techniques
      • Hyperbole- 'O murderess  I am dead' metaphysical technique dramatic and purposeful argument
      • Metaphor: 'Cold quicksilver sweat' poisonous mercury- disturbing connotations like content
      • Tone is aggressive but changes in last 4 lines to refective
      • Business semantic 'solicitation' 'spent' which is technical not loving- metaphysical
      • Phonetics monosyllabic with sharp sounding vowels 'pinch' 'sick 'shrink'
    • Imagery
      • Promiscuity 'feign'd vestal' 'worse arms' - frowned upon at time
      • Religious 'feign'd vestal' 'repent'
        • God = man, woman = humankind. Woman has rejected (Humans rejected God) but he will come back and find us in secular world (or in arms of other man)
        • Judgement day: resurrection, only become innocent after sins burnt away 'painfully repent'
      • Inconstancy 'aspen wretch' shaking tree- unnerving 'taper wink' inconstant light. Unnerving to senses
    • AO4
      • Petrarchan; rejected lover will die of unrequited love- yet anti petrarchan- not elevated tone of poem; defies convention
      • Renaissance cliche; woman kills lover by refusing to satisfy his desires
      • Set in a room; not a man of nature. Influenced by city life; a social world. Restriction and no escape


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