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  • The Ancient Egyptian Civilization
    • The society of Ancient Egypt relied on the River Nile
      • Barges on the Nile enabled fairly swift transportation and communication making trade and goverment easier.
      • There were many doctors and priest at this time. These two professions overlapped or were the same thing.
      • The ancient  had a written language, so ideas could be recorded and communicated better than in prehistoric society's.
      • The Egyption civilisation was an agricultural one that spread in a narrow band along the river Nile. It thrived for a long time. Every year the Nile floods fertilization the fields and the river provided a irrigation system.
    • The world of the Egyptians was controlled by the Gods
      • Sekhmet was the Goddess of war, who also sent and cured epidemics. Thoth, was the God who gave doctors the ability to cure people. Imhotep who was the Pharaoh Zosers doctor, was adopted as God of healing. Doctors were respected people
      • Priests the the Books of Thoth, which contained the accepted treatments and spells. The books themselves have not survived.
      • The Egyptians had a huge number of Gods that controlled all aspects of life. including illness and medicine  Amulets, charms and rituals were used to avoid and cure illness.
      • Some of the drugs used by Egyptians, such as Opium, are still used today. They were probably thought of as a way of driving away evil spirits rather than effecting the way the body works.
      • The instructions are very exact as to what should be done, what medicines given and what words should be used in a incantation and when talking to the patient.


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