Fold Mountains- The Alps Case Study

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  • The Alps-Case Study
    • Located in Central Europe
    • General Description
      • Highest peak is Mont Blonc
        • Near Franco-Italian border at 4180 metres
      • Looks like a wasteland of rock, ice and snow from above
        • Valleys give hint the human settlement is possible
    • Human Activities
      • Farming and Forestry
        • Located on the sunnier warmer south-facing slopes
        • Use transhumance (seasonal movement of animals)
        • Cable cars- bring milk and farmers turn this into cheese (in past)
      • Tourism
        • Snow- skiing and other winter sports
        • flatter land on high-level benches-hotels, ski-lifts
        • Steep slopes- ski runs and mountain views
    • Summer
      • Beautiful mountain scenery
      • Larger glacial lakes on valley floors
    • HEP
      • Used by industries- require high input
        • Sawmills
        • Electrochemicals
        • Some electricity exported to other regions to supply towns and cities


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