The achievements of Elizabethan voyages

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  • The achievements of Elizabethan voyages
    • Overseas trade
      • the sailors helped to open up new areas for English trade. Several new trading companies were formed.
        • The Muscovy Company(1555). Traded with Russia
        • The Eastland Company(1579). Traded with countries in the Baltic region.
        • The Levant Company(1581). Traded with countries around the eastern Mediterranean.
        • The East India Company(1600). Traded with India & the Far East.
    • Wealth
      • Merchant, nobles & even the Queen invested in the voyages. They made large profits from the captured cargoes.
    • Colonies
      • The several attempts at establishing settlements overseas all failed. However,during the 17th century many colonies were established in North America, Africa & India.
    • Defence
      • A strong navy meant stronger defences. this was very important for an island country.
    • Power
      • By 1603 England had become the greatest sea-power in the world until the 20th century.
    • The navy
      • English sailors improved their skills in sailing & in fighting at sea. New, faster ships equipped with quick-firing cannons were built.


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