The 5 pillars of islam - R.S

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  • The 5 Pillars of Islam
    • Belief
      • There is only 1 god
      • Gods messenger was Muhammad
    • Prayer
      • Muslims prayer towards Makkah.
      • Muslims pray daily.
      • Their main pray-day is Friday.
    • Giving Money
      • They give 2.5% of  their earnings to charity.
      • They MUST give 2.5% of their money to charity
      • They are expected to give MORE than 2.5% of their earnings to charity
    • Fasting
      • Muslims are expected to fast during Ramadam
      • During fasting you can only eat while the sun is down
      • They are not even allowed to drink in daylight when fasting.
    • Pilgrimage
      • Muslims try to visit Makkah at least once in their life
      • It is one of the most important things to Muslims
      • Makkah is a VERY sacred place.


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