The 1968 Election Candidates

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  • The 1968 Election Candidates
    • Republican Nomination
      • Richard Nixon
        • Vice President to Eisenhower 1953-1960
        • Narrowly lost to Kennedy 1960
        • Campaigned with Spiro Agnew (VP)
        • Campaigned for Middle America
        • Appealed to 'Silent Majority'
          • 'middle America' felt threatened by progressiveness of 60's
        • spoke about 'peace with honour' in Vietnam
        • Election focused on violence in the ghettos and at the Democrats convention
        • tough on law and order
        • Promised to get people off of welfare
        • Southern Strategy- intended to take votes from Wallace
        • give states more rights at expense of federal government
    • Democratic Nomination
      • Johnston
        • 35% popularity
        • wanted to seek peace in Vietnam
        • died 1973
      • Bobby Kennedy
        • Anti -war
        • common touch
        • Assassinated 1968
      • Eugene McCarthy
        • Critical of War
        • "Clean for 'Gene"
      • Hubert Humphery
        • Vice President determined to see out war
        • Disliked by many
          • 'Johnson's Man'
        • intended to carry on developing the 'Great Society'
        • Faced widespread opposition from those inside his own party
        • intended to continue war using similar policies as before
      • Democratic Convetion
        • Party in Disarray
        • Protestors
        • Chaos
        • Supposed LSD in water
        • Made party look weak
      • Humphrey put forward
    • Independent
      • George Wallace
        • Pro War
        • Racist
        • Segregationist
        • Against protesting
        • running mate threatened to 'bomb North Vietnam back to the stone age'
        • promised to keep peace even if it took '30 thousand troops armed with 3 foot bayonets'
        • said that 'if any demonstrator lies down in front of my car, it will be the last car he ever lies in front of.'
        • criticised 'pointy-headed professors turning their noses up at us
  • Great Society= a set of domestic programs in the US launched by Johnson. Main goal to elminate poverty and racial injustice
  • Southern Strategy= Republican party strategy of gaining political support for certain candidates in southern US by appealing to racism against African Americans


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