The Working Memory Model (WMM)

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  • The Working Memory Model (WMM)
    • Central executive
      • component of WMM that allocates tes the activities of the three subsystems in memory
      • Very limited processing capacity
    • Phonologial Loop
      • processes information in terms of sound, written and spoken material
      • Divided into Phonological store and articulatory process
        • Phonological store, stores words you hear
        • Articulatory process allows maintenence rehearsal (repeating, in loop) and capacity is two seconds
    • Viso-Spacial sketchpad
      • Processes visual and spatial information in mental space called "inner eye". limited capcity, 3/4 objects
      • Divided into visual cache and inner scribe
        • Visual cache stores visual data
        • Inner scribe records arrangement of objects in visual field
    • Episodic Buffer
      • Brings material from other subsystems into a single memory rather than separate strands. links LTM to WMM
      • Basically recording events (episodes) that are hapenning
      • Limited capacity of 4 chunks


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