The Witches - character profile

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  • The Witches -  Character Profile
    • The Witches have supernatural powers
      • They speak short lines that rhyme and this sets them apart from other characters. Lines like "eye of a newt" make them seem evil and gruesome
      • The witches can see the future and all their predictions eventually become true. They get joy out of causing trouble and pain
      • Banquo is not sure about the witches and whether they are real or not, he says "are ye fantastical or that indeed"
      • The three witches are also know as the "weird sisters". They look like ugly women with beards, suggesting they are unnatural and evil
    • They are evil, but they do not tell Macbeth to murder Duncan
      • The witches do not tell Macbeth to murder Duncan but they do predict he will be king, which pushes him to kill Duncan
      • They make prophecies but they never explain how they will happen. In this way they take advantage of Macbeth's weakness
      • The witches confuse Macbeth using paradoxes - for example, telling him that Banquo will be "lesser than Macbeth, and greater"
      • The witches are usually accompanied by "thunder and lightening" this makes the atmosphere dark and frightening
    • The witches are:
      • Strange: "so withered and so wild
      • evil: "instruments of darkness"
      • ambiguous: "this is supernatural soliciting"


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