The Witches

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  • The Witches (Macbeth)
    • Lady Macbeth is sometimes seen as the fourth witch
      • "come you spirits that tend on mortal thought"
        • She is aware of a darker power and calls on this to fill her with the strength she needs to be involved with the murder
      • She plants seeds in Macbeth's mind in a similar way that the witches do
      • She often speaks in rhyming couplets
        • this could simply represent how they influence the events or could represent her being a witch
    • They're presented as caricatures
      • this contrasts with how they are presented as pure evil, emphasising how terrifying they are
      • They strike a similar resemblance with the Fates from Greek mythology, which makes them seem even more scary as the Fates had a huge amount of power
    • "Instruments of darkness to tell us truths to win us harm"
      • "Instruments"- makes them seem like a tool, they are the catalyst for certain events, and set Macbeth on his path
      • Banquo recognises that they are not good
      • "Darkness"- shows they are pure evil and shouldn't be trusted
    • Debate about their role in fate
      • Some of their prophecies seem to cause things to happen
      • Other prophecies tell of inevitable events
      • This would confuse the reader and the audience
      • This confusion gives the idea that these things are beyond human comprehension and that we are insignificant


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