The Western Desert

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  • The Western Desert
    • Location
      • Contains: Mojave desert, part of Sonoran and part Chihuahuan
      • Indigenous people populated the western desert like Navajo people in Arizona
      • Includes parts of: California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and New Mexico
    • development opportunities
      • farming
        • Aquifers and irrigation systems can provide water
        • High temperatures and sunlight
      • Mineral Extraction
        • Rich in copper uranium, lead, zinc and coal
        • carry out open cast mining on a large scale
      • Energy
        • solar power
          • The Sonoran Solar project- produce energy for 100,000 homes
        • Hydroelectric power
          • powered by Lake mead.
          • Hoover dam employed 5,000 people at its peak mid-1930s
      • Tourism
        • Grand Canyon
        • Las Vegas
          • 37 million visitors per year
        • Lake mead and Lake Powell
    • Development challenges
      • high temperatures stop areas populating
        • carrying capacity
      • accessibility
        • but is improving
      • climate
        • adapting houses to cope (whitewashing, flat roofs to collect water)
    • Water crisis
      • Benefits of using River Colorado's water to irrigate
        • able to cater for all cities throughout the Western Desert
        • benefit agriculture bringing in $1.5 billion per year
      • Costs of using River Colorado's water to irrigate
        • silts and sands get trapped behind both dams - causes dam to heat changing ecosystem
        • Sandbanks along the sides of the river in the lower course will be starved of sediment and animal and plant species will decline
      • population increase
      • limited to amount of water they can take due to political agreement
      • water security is threatened by climate change


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