Revolution from Left and Right

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  • The Weimar Republic
    • Kapp Putsch
      • First attempt by the extreme right to seize control from the government.
        • They wanted some sort of authoritarian, doctoral regime.
      • As a result of the demobilisation of the armed forces there were nearly 200 paramilitary units in Germany by 1919
      • In 1920 about  12,000 members of the Friekorps marched on Berlin and seized the main buildings of the capital- unopposed- installed anew government
      • The Gernan army did not provide any resistance
      • Putsch collapsed becasue before fleeing the SPD called for a general strike which soon paralysed the capital. the rebels had little support in Berlin
    • Munich Putsch
      • Nazi Putsch- took place from 8-9th November 1923- the crisis in the Ruhr convinced Hitler that the time was right to seize power.
    • The German October
      • The continuing disturbances by the extreme left in the period 1919-1923 culminated in the German October
        • Took place  Saxony which had a SPD/KPD government in 1923
        • Mass Protests actually started in summer of 1923 attheheight of the Ruhr Crisis, although the uprisings did not actually come to a head until October 1923
        • A major wave of strikes and protests had encouraged the comintern too organise a German October inspired by the Bolshevik revolution of October 1917.
        • Reich troops overthrew the state government and suppressed the attacker
    • Spartacist Revolution
      • Spartacists had opposed WW1 and were deeply influenced by Bolshevism. they opposed the creation of a national Constituent assembly
        • In Jan 1919 the spartacists decided the time was right to lead an armed rising in Berlin against exerts government. they were led by Rosa Luxenburg and Karl Liebknecht.
        • on 5 Jan 1919 the spartacists occupied buildings, called for a general strike and a revolutionary committee
        • After 3 days of savage street fighting the coup was easily defeated


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