The Weimar Constitution

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  • The Weimar Constitution
    • Friedrich Ebert
      • Head of the Socialist party (SPD)
        • Left wing but not as extreme as comunism
      • Became leader of Germany after Kaiser fled
      • Signed the armistice and set up the Weimar Republic
      • January 1919 SPD have the most votes in the election and Ebert becomes the first President of the Weimar Republic
    • All men and women over 20 can vote
    • Elections were decided by Proportional Representation (PR)
      • PR is the % of vote a party won =the % of seats they would have in the Riechstag
        • Under PR parties rarely win a majority of seats so they need to work with other parties to try and pass laws
    • President
      • Serves for 7yrs
      • Every 7yrs new election
      • Has power over armed forces and appoints judges to courts
      • elected by people
      • Article 48 EMERGENCY POWERS
        • In a crisis the president can rule on their own without the riechstag
    • Chancellor
      • Head of government who tries to introduce new laws
      • appointed by the president
      • Needs support from the riechstag
    • The Reichstag
      • German Parliment
      • Elected by the people
      • Vote on laws introduced by the cancellor
      • If they refuse to agree with the chancellor they can remove the cancellor


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