Water cycle

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  • The water cycle
    • Evaporation
      • Water transformed from sea water into water vapour in the atmosphere.
    • Condensation
      • Water changing from gas to liquid.
    • Precipitation
      • Water vapour condenses into drizzle rain, sleet. Snow or hail & falls towards the land.
    • Interception
      • Water caught by trees & plants.
    • Stem flow
      • Water flowing down steams of plants & trunks of trees.
    • Surface run off
      • Water moves across the surface becoming a stream, tributary or lake.
    • Infiltration
      • Water soaks (filters) into the ground.
    • Through flow
      • Water moves downhill through the soil.
    • Soil moisture
      • Water stored in the soil
    • Percolation
      • Water moves from the soil and into the rocks deep underground.
    • Ground water
      • Water stored in pours rocks deep underground
    • Ground water flow
      • Water moves slowly through the soil & rocks and back into the sea.
    • (Evapo) Transpiration
      • Water vapour is lost from vegetation in the atmosphere
    • Main channel
      • Water flowing to lakes or oceans


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