The Vietnam War

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  • The Vietnam War
    • Vietnam is split at the 38th parallel in 1955. The north is communist (supported by USSR and China) and the south is capitalist (supported by USA).
    • Diem was the leader of South Vietnam
    • Ho Chi Minh was the leader of North Vietnam
    • The Vietcong: also known as the NLF. They are based in South Vietnam but they are communist. They made booby traps to cause injury towards the Americans as they had to recover the soldier therefore slowing them down. They built tunnels underground to hide from Americans, they were naturally smaller people compared to the Americans so they could fit. The tunnels were like an underground village near Saigon. Guerrilla warfare was one of their techniques which involved them hiding and taking the Americans by surprise last minute. They sabotaged the Americans and stole their weapons. The Vietcong also used resources from the local area. The Vietnamese were used to the jungle terrain whereas the Americans became hot and sweaty. The Vietcong were more determined that the Americans who they wanted out. America has military superiority but they don't understand who they are fighting against.


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