CAD and manufacture

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  • CAD and manufacture
    • CAD = computer- aided design
      • can create, modify and communicate product ideas
      • advantages
        • accuracy
        • repetition
        • less human intervention and reduced labour costs
        • saving of planning and development time - more time for production
      • CAD in school
        • make templates to draw around on materials for cutting
        • improve the accuracy of your drawings
        • create numerical data needed for the use of CNC machinery
      • CAD can be used to:
        • calculate nutritional profile of a food product
        • work out manufacturing costs and suggest a retail price
        • scale up recipes fror commercial manufacture
      • can be used for mathematical and engineering such as stress analysis
        • disadvantages
          • difficulties of ensuring data is secure
          • risk of data corruption
        • stress analysis =  an engineering discipline used to determine whether a material or object can withstand forces
    • rapid protoyping
      • rapid prototyping = using a computer to transfer drawings into 3D for model-making
      • stereolithography (STL)
        • rapid process produces realistic models and working prototypes
        • a CAD/CAM laser draws outlines of the product onto liquid resin
          • where the laser touches the resin, it solidifies, building a 3D prototype identical to the drawing
      • rapid prototyping at school
        • two main systems
          • powder system - involves 3D printing
            • each layer is printed onto a bed of powder (Z-Corp machine)
            • cheaper
            • prototypes are not as durable
          • extrudes ABS images
            • achieved using a 3D prototyping machine
        • requires a high level of skill in CAD, and prototypes cannot be altered easily without being completely remade
    • CNC = computer numerical control
    • CAM = computer-aided manufacture


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