The US Supreme Court

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  • Does the Supreme Court have too much power?
    • NO
      • It is checked by Congress, which may initiate constitutional amendments effectively to override  Court decisions.
      • Congress has the power of impeachment.
      • It has no initiative power.
      • It is dependent upon the rule of law and other branches of government to enforce its decisions.
      • Public opinion is a restraining force on the Court's power.
      • It is checked by the words of the Constitution: where it is precise and not open to interpretation by the Court.
    • YES
      • The court gave itself the power of judicial review.
      • It has declared more Acts of Congress unconstitutional as the decades have passed.
      • It has made decisions that are out of line with the majority of public opinion.
      • It is an unelected body.
      • It is a largely unaccountable body.
      • It has abused its power to bring about significant policy change (e.g. abortion, same-sex marriage).
      • They have too much power - especially when some justices believe in a living constitution.


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