The UK as a multi-faith society

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  • The UK as a multi-faith society
    • Benefits
      • We can learn about each other's religions and see what we have in common
      • Seeing how seriously some people practise their faith might make a difference to how others think about their own faith
      • Looking at other people's beliefs might make you think more seriously about your own belief's
      • More understanding of each other's faiths
      • Religious freedom/understanding may help to stop religious conflicts
      • Living in a multi-faith society may make some non-religious people think more about religion and a religious life
    • Issues
      • Conversion
      • Bringing up children: children have religious freedom from 16, but some parents do not want their children to learn about other religions and so pupils are withdrawn from RE lessons
      • Mixed marriages: people of different faiths will meet and may fall in love and wish to marry, but this can be difficult for the two families and religious communities
    • Christian attitudes towards other religions. All believe in religious freedom, but
      • Many Christians feel that everyone has the rights to convert others as they believe Christianity is the only true religion
        • Jesus said "I am the way and the truth and the life. No- one comes to the Father expect through me" - only Christians will go to Heaven
        • Jesus sais love one another so many believe this means wanting your neighbour to go to Heaven  and since only Christians can go, non-Christians must be converted
        • Jesus' final words were to make disciples of all nations - a clear signal to convert people
      • Some believe that there is truth in other religions and so should be respected, but only Christianity has the whole truth and so it is right to try and convert others
        • It is the teaching of the Church
        • Jesus is the Son of God who shows the true nature of God
        • Bible teaches that Christianity is the truth about God and that only Christians will get to Heaven, but other religious people such as Jews can contact God
      • Some believe all religions are equal: all religions are just different paths to the same God
        • They do not believe the Bible is the work of God
        • They see people of different faiths living good and holy lives
        • God is a force like gravity that can be discovered in many ways
        • Jesus' words "There are many rooms in my Father's house" can mean that there is room in Heaven for people of different faiths


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