The tsarist regime and its collapse

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  • The Tsarist Regime and its collapse
    • How did the tsar govern Russia
      • Autocracy-all power to the tsar
      • Tsar believed he had been chosen by G-d
      • Tsar could do whatever he wanted- no parliament
        • He did have a council of minsters-no important decisions
      • Russians had little freedom
        • Unions of workers and strikes forbidden
      • Secret police- OKHRANA
    • Geographical problems
      • Communications was slow
      • 20 different cultures
    • Nicholas 11 and his weaknesses
      • Not a strong character
      • Reluctant to be Tsar as his grandfather had been assassinated
        • 'I never wanted to become one
      • Refused to share power
        • Only to friends and Rasputin


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