the trinity

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  • the trinity
    • nicene creed
      • statement of christian beliefs
      • explains that there is one god, experienced as 3 persons
    • father, son and holy spirit
      • father
        • helps christians to understand the power and creativity of god and his care for the world and people
        • shows that god creates human life. he has a relationship of love and care with his creations
        • christians can turn to god as they would do to a human father if they are in need
      • the son
        • helps christians to understand the love of god.
          • in his life jesus showed gods love by healing people
          • in jesus' death he showed how much god loves the world
      • holy spirit
        • helps christians to understand the presence of god in the world because the holy spirit is a method of communication to god
        • through the presence of god it can help strengthen and empower christians today
    • the oneness of god
      • old and new testament show there is only one god
      • the belief in the oneness is in the 10 commandments
      • "the most important one is 'the Lord our God, the Lord is one" (Mark 12:29)
    • how is the trinity shown in belief and worship?
      • repeat nicene creed every holy communion
      • catholic and orthodox cross themselves upon entering church
      • priests begin sermons "in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy spirit"
      • baptisms and marriages are performed in the name of the trinity


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