The Treaty of Versailles

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  • The Treaty of Versailles
    • Terms imposed on Germany otherwise occupation would be faced
    • Clemenceau (French President)
      • Punishment and Vengence
      • He wanted a weak Germany and peace as they had invaded France twice in 50 years(1874 and 1914)
    • Lloyd George (British Prime Minister)
      • Punishment but not so much that they couldn't trade
      • He feared that if Germany was too poor they would have a Russian style revolution
      • There needed to a balance for peace to work
    • Wilson (American President)
      • Most ambitious as he made a 14 point programme which made him hope for new modern international relations
        • Abolish trade restrictions
        • Disarment
        • German loss of territorial gains
        • Self-determination
    • 7 March 1919: To disable Germany from starting another war again
    • Germany had to accept:
      • Blame for the war
      • Territorial losses
      • Military losses
      • Financial reparations
    • Reactions and opinions of German people to the treaty
      • Many right wing people= stabbed in the back
        • Civilians who over-threw the monarchy and surrendered in the war
        • Gov. as they signed the treaty
      • Treaty= symbol of Germany's humiliation and defeat
      • People saw it as a "diktat" (dictated peace) as the German gov. had to sign the treaty without having a say in its terms


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