The Three Main Cold War Conferences

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  • The Three Main Cold War Conferences
    • Potsdam
      • July 1945
      • Atlee, Truman, Stalin
        • Truman was more anti-communist than Roosevelt
      • Stalin controlled much of Eastern Europe
      • Stalin wanted to cripple Germany but Truman disagreed
        • Stalin demanded $10 billion compensation from Germany
        • They agreed to demilitarise Germany
    • Yalta
      • February 1945
      • Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill
      • Agreements
        • Stalin would join the war against Japan when Germany surrendered
        • Germany would be divided into 4 zones
        • Hunt down and prosecute Nazi criminals
        • They would form the UN
        • Eastern Europe was in soviet sphere of influence but would have free election
      • Disagreements
        • Poland's border
    • Tehran
      • November 1943
      • Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt
      • Invasion on France
      • Roosevelt and Stalin sided and said no to invasion through the Balkans


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