The Three Jewels: Buddha

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  • The Three Jewels: Buddha
    • 'Buddham Saranam Gacchami'
      • 'I go to the Buddha for refuge'
      • Refuge is a centre of excellence in terms of spiritual strength to be purified and gain support on their challenging path
      • Buddha is seen as a teacher, the awakened and enlightened one
    • Theravada Belief
      • The Buddha is a human being whose words offer guidance
        • His life story is to be taken as a hagiography
        • His command is taken: "work out your own salvation with diligence"
        • Richard Gombrich
          • Theravada is a 'Soteriology' - a personal relgious quest without a God-like figure
      • There is an admiration, devotion and respect for the Buddha
      • Buddha = 'Sammasambuddhasa'
        • A role model for inspiration because he is perfectly enlightened one
      • He discovered the Middle Way, provided insight into the Four Sights, the Eight-fold Path, the Four Noble Truths and finally the way to meditation and mindfulness
      • There are still the 'Abhinnas', 6 supernatural powers developed through high meditation
    • Mahayana Belief
      • Accentuation of Buddha's super, metaphysical traits
      • Suzuki
        • "The Buddha is not an ordinary human being walking in a sensuous world"
      • Through the three bodies ('Trikaya'), the transcendent aspect of the Buddha is highlighted
        • Semi-spiritual: 'Nirmanakaya'
        • Heavenly: 'Sambhogakaya'
        • Ultimate expression: 'Dharmakaya'
    • Pure Land Belief
      • Amida Buddha ('Amitabha') resides in his own resplendent Buddha universe
      • Take refuge in 'Nembutsu', contemplating Buddha
        • Involves the phrase: 'homage to Amida Buddha'
      • Alfred Bloom
        • "Nembutsu has been considered the central core of practice to gain enlightenment"
    • Zen , Tibetan & Hua Yen Belief
      • 'Buddha nature' within us is emphasised
      • Buddha = one of countless Buddhas and Buddha Universes
        • Our current universe is connected and penetrating according to 'Sunyata' (nature of existence)
        • It is revealed through enlightenment


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