The Three Jewels

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  • The Three Jewels
    • The Buddha
      • Historical person of Siddhartha
        • Lived 26 centuries ago
        • Everything about the life of Siddhartha Gautama
        • Not seen as a god but a man
      • The Buddha as an ideal
        • The Buddha as an embodiment of wisdom, purity and compassion
        • We go to Buddha for moral and spiritual guidance
        • Can guide us safely out of samsara
      • The different   understandings of Buddha
      • Buddha Nature (Mahayana Interpretation)
        • Absolute unconditional nature of all things
    • The Dharma
      • Can mean following the Noble Eightfold Path
        • Following the teachings of Buddha
      • Can also mean following the Four Noble Truths
        • Following the teachings of Buddha
      • The Dharma Wheel (DHARMACHAKRA) is one of the 8 symbols of Buddhism to illustrate:
        • 3 SWIRLS (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha)
        • DIFFERENT MEANINGS FOR SWIRLS (4, 8, 12 or 24)
          • 12 = dependant origination
          • 24 = Ashoka Chakara
    • The Sangha
      • Theravada Buddhism
        • Sangha is either the Bhikkhus (collection of monks) or lay people (people who have taken refuge and life a monastic life
    • The significance of taking refuge
      • Refuge means shelter from passions, distress, suffering, fear and samsara
        • An escape from these things is what Buddhism can offer
      • Taking refuge is generally considered to make someone officially a Buddhist
      • How Buddhists take refuge
        • Inner commitment
        • Public ceremony of initiation
        • Continuing practice of repetition and recollection


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