The Three Gorges Dam

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  • The Three Gorges Dam, China Yangtze River
    • 1.3 million people have been relocated as valley in which they live will be flooded. Many have not received the compensation new homes and jobs promised.
      • Hydro electric power generated.
      • HEP will enable growth of industry and jobs in valley region.
      • Sites of many sacred scattered temples have been lost.
        • Tourist numbers may be affected as the scenic quality of The Three Gorges are lost.
    • River level will be constant allowing shipping.
      • Changing the flow of river Yangtze may lead to extinction of sturgeon and river dolphin.
      • New settlements = better housing and sanitation.
      • 100 million people and 2500 hectres of farmland = protected from flooding.
        • Tourist cruise ships will be able to sail the river at all times.
          • HEP = clean fuel and will reduce China's use of coal-fired power stations = reduce air pollution.
    • People forced to leave their homes to move to more expensive housing.


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