The 3 conferences

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  • The three conferences
    • TEHERAN, 1943
      • agreed that soviet union could have a sphere of influence
      • Stalin wanted to demand reparations from Germany. However, Roosevelt and Churchill wanted to rebuild German due to the errors of the Treaty of Versailles
    • KEY:                RED= CONFLICT        BLUE= AGREEMENT
    • YALTA, FEB 1945
      • Germany, and capital city Berlin, was divided into 4 zones: France, USA, UK, USSR
      • Countries in Eastern Europe could hold free elections
      • USSR would join the war in Japan
      • The 'big three' no longer had a common enemy now that Germany was defeated. Their relationship was less friendly as they started to think for their countries only.
    • POTSDAM, JUL-AUG 1945
      • STALIN, ATLEE AND TRUMAN (didn't get on as well as the other leaders)
        • Stalin found out about the atom bomb which made him furious because it was kept a secret. He thought it was a warning to the USSR. Truman wasn't afraid to cause conflict between USA and USSR because he believed he had the ultimate weapon. This is how the 'arms race' started.
      • Nazi party was banned and war criminals would be punished
      • a river would be a border from Poland to Germany
      • USA and UK denied Stalin a naval base. Stalin thought the allies mistrusted him
      • Stalin wanted reparations from Germany and was suspicious to why the others wanted to protect it
      • Stalin set up a communist government in Poland which the Western leaders didn't like


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