The Thar Desert

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  • Economic opportunities
    • Subsistence farming
      • Most people living in the desert are involved in farming
        • People keep a few animals and grow crops on small grassy areas
      • Hunter gathers- Kohlis tribe. Rare & basic
    • Irrigation
      • Indira Gandhi Canal
        • Built in 1958, 650km long
          • Benefits Jodhpur and Jaisalmer where 3,500km2 is irrigated
        • Provides drinking water for many people
      • Commercial Farming
        • Wheat and cotton growth flourishes
    • Mining & Industry
      • State of Rajasthan is rich in minerals
      • Gypsum (plaster & cement), feldspar (ceramics), phosphate (fertiliser) and kaolin (paper whitener)
      • Valuable reserves of stone
        • Limestone and marble
      • Hide and wool from livestock
    • Tourism
      • Popular due to beautiful landscape
      • Camel desert safaris
      • Locals benefit by acting as tour guides




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