Causes of the Terror (1793-94)

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  • Causes of The Terror (1793-1794)
    • Political divisions
      • Girondins and Montagnards are both desperate to hold power at this time
      • They are attacking eachother at the convention regularly
      • Disagreed over Louis and the government
      • May 1793 - 100,000 national Guards demand the arrest of Girondins
      • tensions were high as there was a power struggle
    • Vendee Revolts
      • Certain towns in the provinces began to rebel against food prices etc.
      • many were against the reolution
      • Massacres as they took villages
        • Small amount of success in capturing towns
        • Towns didn't work together and were therefore crushed
      • Threatened the Jacobin government
      • Undisciplined soldiers ***** and murder to gain back control
    • Economic Issues
      • Assignat price fell
        • Inflation
      • bad harvests
      • Debts were still standing
      • War meant foreign policy was priority on government spending
      • Demands for a maximum price control
        • Became called the general amximum
      • Industrially, France was much behind other European countries
    • War
      • Conscription was unpopular as was the representatives on mission
        • Levee en masse was also unpopular
      • France was war werey
      • Extremely costly for the country - starvation in the provinces etc.
      • Very few successes made the government unpopular
      • Did eventually drive enemies out
        • at one point, France was being attacked from all sides


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