The Temple Quarter Regeneration (Bristol) - Example

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  • The Temple Quarter Regeneration
    • Why did it need regeneration?
      • It gave a bad impressions to visitors driving in
      • The area was very run down
    • 4 separate areas of the Temple Quarters
      • Avon Riverside - old industrial buildings used for light industries. Green spaces were created by demolishing a former dismal depot
      • Temple meads City Gateway - Dominated by the railway station. Cut off from the rest of the area by the Temple Gate dual carriage-way built in the 1970s
      • Temple Quay - A former industrial area, including rope works, timber yards and potteries
      • Silverthrone Lane - The remains of the Bristol iron works and the city's gasworks. Access is difficult because of historic railway archers
    • How has the area been regeneration?
      • Key regeneration projects -
        • Glass wharf
        • Electrification of the railway line
        • Paint works
        • Arena Island
        • Temple Meads station
        • Engine shed
      • New bridge across the River Avon
        • Given access to the new Bristol Arena, currently being built
          • Bristol Arena (under construction)
            • Access will be by the new bridge over the river as well as the pedestrian and cycle bridge. This route is to be redeveloped with cafes, offices and flats
            • The arena will be used for concerts, conventions, exhibitions and sporting events. The area around the arena will host outdoor events
      • Enterprise zone status
        • Enterprise zones offer incentives to businesses to move to the area, including low rents and business taxes
      • Improved access from in and around Bristol
        • Improvements to Temple Mead Station
        • Improved road layout
    • Developing Brownfield sites
      • Advantages
        • Extensive buildings can be put to a range of uses
        • Any changes to the land will be an improvement
        • Urban sprawl and also car use for commuting is decreasing
      • Disadvantages
        • Expensive to build on
        • Sites may be contaminated from previous industrial use


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