The Tempest- Quotes

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  • The Tempest- Quotes
    • "O, I have suffered with those that I saw suffer"
    • "You taught me language, and my profit on't is that I know how to curse"
    • Now he was the ivy which hid my pricey trunk"
    • "His bones are coral made"
    • Gonzalo's speech
      • "No sovereignty"
      • "All men idle, all; and women too"
      • "No use of metal, corn, or wine, or oil"
    • "Thou shalt be the Lord of it, and I shall serve thee"
    • "If Not, I'll die your maid"
    • " I cried to dream again"
    • "By immortal providence she is mine"
    • "In my brother awaked an evil nature"
    • "I might call him a thing dvine"
    • "A most auspicious star"
    • Bearing a log// a burden of wood
    • "Were I in England this monster would make a man"
    • "She is 10 time more gentle than her father's crabbed"
    • The fringed curtains of thine eyes advanced"
    • "By my modesty (the jewel in my dower)"
    • Miranda helps him disrobe
    • "Lest too light winning make the prize light"
    • "False uncle// good parent"
    • "Virgin knot// Hymen's lamps"
    • "Poor worm, thou art infected" (pros. to Mir.
    • "I'll break my staff, bury it fathoms within the earth"
    • "A born devil, whose nature can never stick
    • "Abhorred slave"
    • Malignant thing"
    • "Ban, 'Ban, Ca-Caliban has got a new master"


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