The telegraphic stage

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  • The Telegraphic Stage
    • Once a child begins to combine three or more words they can achieve more explicit meanings.
    • The style is quite like that of a telegram in that less essential (function words) are left out and the essential content words are kept in.
    • Typical errors of the telegraphic stage
      • Children mix up subject and object pronouns (not really a virtuous error).
      • Ursula Bellugi found they go through 3 stages
        • 1.Use names rather than pronouns e.g. 'Katherine want sweeties'
        • 2. Mix up subject and object pronouns e.g. 'Me want sweeties'
        • 3.Use subject and object pronouns correctly e.g. 'I want sweeties'
    • Acquisition of inflections
      • Brown (1973) studied children's language development between the ages of 20 and 36 months and found the sequences occurred regularly.
      • The children all acquired inflections in the same order
        • 1. 'ing' e.g. 'playing teddy'
        • 2. Plural 's' e.g. 'two cows'
        • 3. Possessive 's' e.g. 'the cow's field'
        • 4. Past tense 'ed' e.g. 'I putted (virtuous error)
        • 5. Third person singular verb ending 's' e.g. 'she sings'


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