The Synoptic Problem

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  • The Synoptic Problem
    • Proto-Mark
      • Early version of Mark
      • Gospel of Thomas
        • Discovered in 4th Century
        • Consists of logia (sayings) which are 50% shared with synoptics
        • Ireneaus (Early Church Father) only mentioned Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
          • No evidence of proto-mark or gospel of Thomas
    • Two Source Hypothesis
      • Matthew and Luke both used Mark and a separate source called Quelle
      • Mark does not use Source Q
      • However, there is no evidence for Q
        • Q is never mentioned in earliest Christian literature
    • Four Source Hypothesis
      • Streeter's theory < 3 :)
      • Matthew was writing to a Jewish audience
      • Luke was writing to a Gentile audience
      • A development of the 2 source hypothesis
        • Matthew and Luke both still use source Q however, they each had access to their own individual sources
          • Matthew = M
          • Luke = L
    • General Knowledge
      • asks how should we respond to the similarities and differences that exist in the synoptics
      • There are differences in narrative structure, ordering and the wording of key phrases
      • 31 verses of Mark are not found in Matthew or Luke
      • 1 Gospel is the basis of the other 2
        • Priority of Mark


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