The Stanford prison experiment - Zimbardo

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  • The Stanford prison experiment - Zimbardo
    • Aim
      • to look into the causes of brutality in prisons
    • method
      • 1. Zimbardo set up a mock prison, and students who were emotionally stable took part
      • 2. the students were randomly assigned the roles of either prisoner or guard
      • 3. the 'prisoners' were arrested form their homes and blindfolded, *****-searched and deloused
      • 4. they were then issues a uniform and called by number that had been assigned to them
      • 5. their routines were heavily regulated and they had 16 rules which they had to abide by
      • 6. the guards had complete power over them
    • results
      • study was stopped after only 6 days instead of the intended 14 days
      • the guards enforced authoritarian measures to the point of subjecting some prisoners to psychological torture
      • after 2 days some prisoners began to rebel by tearing their clothes, shouting and swearing at the guards
      • guards would play prisoners up against eahother
      • it affected Zimbardo himself in his role as he let the abuse continue
      • one prisoner released of 1st day as showed signs of psychological disturbance
      • one prisoner went on hunger strike
      • two more prisoners were released by the 4th day
      • guards identified more and more with their the longer it went on


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