Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Study Mindmap (fill in yourself)

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  • The Stanford Prison Experiment
    • Researchers
    • What question did they want to answer?
    • Procedure
      • Where?
      • Who?
      • How were ppts assigned the roles of guards or prisoners?
      • What was done to 'heighten the realism' of the study?
      • What were the guards told/given to underline their role?
      • The social roles of the  prisoners and the guards were strictly divided. What are social roles?
      • How were the prisoners daily routines heavily regulated?
    • Findings
      • What happened to the guards behaviour throughout the simulation?
      • When was the study stopped?
      • What happened within two days?
        • Prisoners:
        • Guards:
          • Give an example of a way guards harrased prisoners to remind them they were constantly being monitored
      • What happened after the rebellion ended?
      • What happened to a prisoner who tried to go on a hunger strike?
    • Conclusions
      • What did the simulation reveal?
      • Were the roles taken on easy by the ppts?
  • Control
  • Lack of research support
  • Lack of realism


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