The findings and procedure of the standford prison experiment

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  • The standford prison experiment
    • Procedure
      • Mock prison set up in SU basement
      • 24 White male students
        • Psychologically and physically screened.
      • P's randomly assigned guard or prisoner
      • Unxpectantly arrested, deloused, given guard uniforms
      • Guards were given uniforms, clubs, whistle and reflective sunglasses
      • Prisoners had rights: 3 meals a day, supervised toilet trips, 2 visits a week
    • Findings
      • Guards grew abusive towards prisoners
      • P's seemingly forgot it was a study
      • 5 prisoners released early due to extreme reactions
      • Terminated after 6 days (meant to last 2 weeks)
      • Prisoners became increasingly passive and accepting
      • The study demonstrates how both guards and prisoners conformed to their roles


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