The standard of living

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  • The standard of living
    • Nazi workers' organisations
      • German Labour Front - The DAF replaced trade unions. Workers had to be members. Ran schemes:
        • Strength through Joy (KdF) - aimed to increase productivity by making workers happy. Provided low cost/free activities for hard workers.
          • Beauty of Labour (SdA) - aimed to improve conditions by reducing noise in workplaces - canteens and swimming pools. Workers had to construct these in their spare time, no v. popular
          • The Volkswagen (people's car) - promoted car ownership. Hitler asked Porsche to deisgn a family car - VW Beetle. Workers had to pay 5 marks/week towards buying a car, but by 1939, no-one had paid enough so money went towards rearmament.
    • How had the standard of living improved by 1939?
      • Better off:
        • Car ownership increased 3-fold
        • Average wage rose by 20% compared to 1933
        • KdF provided leisure activites and holidays and SdA improved working conditions
        • More jobs with most men in work
      • Worse off:
        • Banning trade unions meant that workers had fewer rights and worked longer hours
          • 43 hrs/week in 1933, 49/week in 1939
        • Cost of food rose by an equivalent amount to wage increase, so cancelled out
        • Only high earners could afford cars.
        • Invisible unemployment meant many were still unemployed
    • Hitler realised that he mist make sure that the German workers were satisfied and avoid losing support.


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