The Sovereignty of Reason + The Moral Law

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  • The Sovereignty of Reason + The Moral Law
    • Kant argues;
      • Using reason to work out our moral principles fits with our intuitions about morality
        • Using reason is more universal
          • K regards moral rules as binding on everyone
      • We should act in a selfless way rather than being selfish/self - interest
    • We should ensure moral duties are universalisable
      • Universal, to apply to everyone regardless of personal cirvimstances
    • Kant thinks moral statements fall into A PRIORI SYNTHETIC approach
      • Synthetic = true by testing
        • Combined they help us identify what is morally right
          • Analytic = before evidence
      • Analytic = before evidence
      • Meaningful statements are knowable through reason
        • May or may not be true, depending on whether they can be proven
    • Experience limits us to our own views
      • Kant wants reason for a morally right decision


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